Location, Location, Location

I am only just now discovering

my taxonomic location

my niche

in this slithering, cryptic existence

filled with

birdsong, neil young, and full, firm lips.

but even the small uncoverings of the past

13 months

are suspect.

I suspect that they are not the product of sturdy reasoning,

but merely true in the same way that rushing air can push against you

ethereal, but forceful

like subway tunnels

hot gusts like ghosts encountering your shoulders and cheekbones, mustering strength against your body.

Likewise, my newfound self-knowledge may be only lowest point in the pendulum,

suggestive of stability when not seen in the context of its own speed and gravity;

The eye of the storm.

I am only now just learning my darwinian street address,

with red teeth and claws next to the door of my domain,

a guest bedroom in a farmhouse in kansas.


[*circa 2013]


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