Loving you is just confusing.  I am confounded by what you have become to me. See, I thought affection was a chore. Somewhere along the way, my heart learned to believe that love was like one person straining to do the work of two, back aching from constantly carrying the weight of someone else’s regret, […]

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A stranger approaches… It was in a field, as a matter of fact; purposeful strides. Forests of sky and oceans of wheat before us, sunflowers dotting the landscape, her heartbeats humming electric around the yellow petal edges. What will become of us? The sun in her smile and flowers in her hair… Time to break […]

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[ “Give me a wildness whose glance no civilization can endure…” -Henry David Thoreau ] There is something in me of savagery. I feel it, gripping in my chest, caught in my throat, A cold wind whispering on my shoulders sending chills down my back like streaks on cheekbones of black sap and ash. I […]

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The Lake House, pt. 1

One oar dips in, then the other. long pull, move forward. Day one of seven-day getaway. Earlier, sunlight at rakish angle, your dazzling, your shimmer, reflecting in the mirror where we both stand, hair messy and bare abdomen. Then, we prepare – a flurry of activity, as adventure cuts through the glassy stillness of morning. […]

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