And Suddenly, My Desire.

Hearts are remarkably like birds, and mine is no different.

I crane my head to pay attention to this wind. Subtle fragrances from faraway places mingle with the familiar scent of home.

My wings ache, to do what they were designed to, to find you, to fill the skies.

One look at you, and there are so many reasons
for this feathered heart to fly.

I have been fluttering and flitting about for some time now.
I have been collecting string and twigs, with purpose, weaving these possibilities,
building a sturdy nest inside this chest, for this fledgling love to flock to.
Piled high inside with hopes and dreams and sparkly things, shiny bits of paper and spare keys and please come here now.

I call to you, with homemade melodies.
Heal me with ancient remedies.
Dipping and diving and dancing in the wide blue, we find out beautiful variety, our perfect symmetry.

Let’s perch together – just the two of us. Right here. Let’s surmise the city, take its pulse, give its hope back with no strings attached, light the night air with soft words and gentle caress.

Whether we race or rest,
curl or fly and soar, or just let the fire crackle and roar.

This is a new path, brand new horizon, made for finding out why, for colliding with something greater, something higher.

One glance at you, and there are so many wings. So much I feel for you.

Good morning and I will see you soon, starling, morning dove, magnum opus we reside in, brilliance and depth, it’s enough to take your breath away.

All is stillness…
and suddenly, my desire.

[For Danielle, circa spring 2015. Image is Concert of the Birds by Frans Snyders, 17th century]


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