Bonfire Festival 2019 – “Honeymoon freestyle” and “Weary”

Was very “stoked” to have been invited to be a featured poet on one of the stages during Bonfire Fest 2019, a terrific gathering of musicians and artists in a very cool and quirky spaces. Many of the folks in charge of the festival share a special connection, as I do, to St. Stephen’s University, which hosted and facilitated many aspects of the festival, which took in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. I had a blast, and wanted to share two videos that came out of that performance.

1. Honeymoon Freestyle

(featuring Dave and Zoe on hammer-bench percussion).

Preamble: A funny aspect to this poem is that I had attended another poet’s reading earlier in the day, and inexplicably, someone was hammering on an exterior wall during their reading, which was incredibly distracting and disruptive to their performance. So, in the spirit of solidarity, I brought a hammer to my own reading, and asked for a volunteer from the audience to please disrupt my performance by hammering on the nearby wooden railings and benches. They did a terrific job of interrupting me and then, on the fly, it transformed into a background rhythm which beautifully complemented the following poem:

2. Weary

More info on Bonfire Festival:
Also, check out Dave and Zoe’s terrific band Colourful Language:
as well as the sweeping storytelling in their music video for their song “Omnibot 563:”


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