Mockingbirds Collection, pt. 1

This is another series of poems from deep in the vault (sometime in 2012)! The collection was inspired by the poem Mockingbirds by my good friend Katie Wisnosky, which serves as the first of the four poems in the collection. Each of the subsequent poems was written in light of the previous entries, and the result was four poems which are all wildly different from each other, yet still retain a strange cohesiveness built on a series of recurring images: a thematic watermark, of sorts. Enjoy!

Mockingbirds Collection, Part 1 
by Katie Wisnosky

The sunrise has yet to fail us.
We wait patiently
perched on top of wooden gazebos,
flying aimlessly,
flashing like fireflies in the night,
little shadows flying across the grass,
losing ourselves in the sunset.
Waiting patiently to sing our songs
To celebrate the beauty and wisdom that pass us everyday,
The unknown---
Our breasts filled with the sweet melodies of life
concealing notes of bittersweet sadness
masked by haunting tones.
The melody is in our eyes.
Sidetracked by distorted ego-centered crows
Squawking their spirituality
We resuscitate ourselves the way humans do--
mouth to mouth,
singing ourselves down from the ledges, the black dead of night
and the everyday injustices that seep from this Mother.
Our Mother
The giver and sustainer of life--Mother Earth.
There are no accidents in this universe.
Our flesh and bones
Wrapping around each other with beautiful sentences
Singing permeating songs of self-chosen freedom
-----Our stimulating, sympathetic, silvery smooth harmonic voices,
A velvety, contemplative, meditative acoustic mix of bluesy soul----
Easier to accept than repress.
Innocence dodging bullets
Thriving in solitude
Wings flapping
We give what we have:
Our voice.

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[Image Credit: Repertory Theatre of St. Louis.


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