Mockingbirds Collection, pt. 1

This is another series of poems from deep in the vault (sometime in 2012)! The collection was inspired by the poem Mockingbirds by my good friend Katie Wisnosky, which serves as the first of the four poems in the collection. Each of the subsequent poems was written in light of the previous entries, and the […]

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Sick Beaks, yo!

This poem comes out of the early days in my hometown when I was young poet frequenting open mics and performing whenever I could. The title is a reference to a music and poetry duo I was a part of called Birds of Cray (hence the bird-related references within). The context of the poem is […]

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“Welp” I hear this a lot, as a middle school educator. Today, I wonder… is this the refrain of generation zed? Welp representing resignation. An enormous shrug. A capitulation to fate, a throwing up of hands. Declaration of disappointment. “Welp, that happened!” “What can ya do, eh?” Appropriate in many contexts: Hissy-fit, flat tire, natural […]

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Dragon’s Breath

Flashback:  Thinking about the way it felt to be next to you last December. I remember cupping my mouth onto your shoulder and neck in an “O” shape and blowing hard, so that my hot breath was pushed through the cotton of your cardigan and oozed across your skin like warm honey. Sometimes just being […]

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[ “Give me a wildness whose glance no civilization can endure…” -Henry David Thoreau ] There is something in me of savagery. I feel it, gripping in my chest, caught in my throat, A cold wind whispering on my shoulders sending chills down my back like streaks on cheekbones of black sap and ash. I […]

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Makeshift Cosmos

Skin is the most beautiful barrier that I know of. On the coast of Belgium, I strip bare and let my dignity disperse with the wind. I taste freedom, ether dribbling down chin. I let my bare feet splay like cats claws on the beach. Always, I am full to the brim with the inheritance of my […]

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