In the oldest texts, they say Odysseus was “wily:” that he known for his many wiles, even that he was “possessed” of wiliness. Most of us now associate “wily” with a certain bumbling coyote, but in the old days, before any of our modern society existed, it was different: you needed your senses to be […]


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Welcoming The Fall

In his book, The Unsettling of America, Agrarian philosopher and poet Wendell Berry discusses at length the virtue of “the Fall” as an initiating device. He has a marvelous interpretation of a scene in Shakespeare’s King Lear wherein the blinded Earl of Gloucester is led to the edge of a cliff by Edgar, his estranged […]

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And Suddenly, My Desire.

Hearts are remarkably like birds, and mine is no different. I crane my head to pay attention to this wind. Subtle fragrances from faraway places mingle with the familiar scent of home. My wings ache, to do what they were designed to, to find you, to fill the skies. One look at you, and there […]

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Snow Day #3

So much excitement, barely any room left for rest. This is when we put our desire for sustainability to the test, to me, our time is precious, and I will do my best to protect it. Wake up, happy birthday, you are alive it is daytime, singing within a legacy, carving out our own patch […]

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Dragon’s Breath

Flashback:  Thinking about the way it felt to be next to you last December. I remember cupping my mouth onto your shoulder and neck in an “O” shape and blowing hard, so that my hot breath was pushed through the cotton of your cardigan and oozed across your skin like warm honey. Sometimes just being […]

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Perfect Stranger

Sarah Abiya writes short stories; not all the time, but sometimes. She told me this when we were flying. Academic papers aren’t her cup of tea, but sometimes, she says, life plays such conspicuous games that we can’t help but smile and write them down. But I didn’t learn that her first name was Sarah […]

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Loving you is just confusing.  I am confounded by what you have become to me. See, I thought affection was a chore. Somewhere along the way, my heart learned to believe that love was like one person straining to do the work of two, back aching from constantly carrying the weight of someone else’s regret, […]

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