Harvest (or, An Exhortation To Outcasts)

When it comes to speaking your mind from your mouth, the sentiment spills into scenes, and the saliva sprays are, in fact, a sacrament. And Spring is just appearing after endless winter months have graced the stage, and we have long been caught in the rib cage of an ice age. But we have not […]


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Makeshift Cosmos

Skin is the most beautiful barrier that I know of. On the coast of Belgium, I strip bare and let my dignity disperse with the wind. I taste freedom, ether dribbling down chin. I let my bare feet splay like cats claws on the beach. Always, I am full to the brim with the inheritance of my […]

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The Digitalis Project

>> “Digitalis |ˌdijiˈtalis| (noun): a drug prepared from the dried leaves of foxglove and containing substances (notably digoxin and digitoxin) that stimulate the heart muscle. It is used…ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from the modern Latin genus name of the foxglove, from digitalis (herba)‘(plant) relating to the finger,’ from digitus ‘finger, toe’; suggested by German Fingerhut ‘thimble or foxglove.’” [New Oxford American Dictionary] Digitalis, drug obtained from the dried leaves of the common foxglove […]

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